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Liz Allen is a high school student and cheerleader.


  • Name:  Elizabeth 'Liz' Allen
  • Age:  17-18
  • Hair:  Light Brown
  • Eyes:  Brown
  • Likes:
  • Dislikes:
  • Family:  Mark Allen (step brother)




Liz Allen is the daughter of Doris Allen and a one night stand with a man named Marco, who left Doris pregnant with Liz. Because Mrs. Allen didn't want to risk Marco to associate his paternity to Liz, he shared a small part of Liz's life as her Uncle Marco and Liz didn't know any better for so many years. Liz would have a normal childhood, having best childhood friends like Mary Jane Watson, Sally Arvil, and later on, Peter Parker, Gwen Stacy, and Henry Lee when she went in to Horizon University.

Growing up, she became a cheerleader and one of the "In Crowd" at Midtown High and dating Flash Thompson, the star football player. One day, their class attended a field trip to Oscorp to which they were given the grande tour, and that she and Peter were paired up for the trip, much to Liz’s disdain for Peter for simply being a nerd.

There, they were given the tour of the Spider-Labs, by Ezekiel Sims: founder of WebCorps and partner to Norman Osborn, who told them of the different spiders and their uses for future development, displaying the case of sixteen genetically enhanced spiders and genetically created super-spider hybrids… one of which was missing.

She was one of the witnesses that saw Peter getting bitten by the spider, as well as Gwen Stacy and Miles Morales. She was taken to the hospital for questioning, but overheard that Gwen and Miles were okay since the spider gave Parker most of the venom.

Later on, as Peter made his way into the football team, and after he quit wrestling, he manages to sneak into a party at Kong’s. At the time, a drunk Liz attempted to make out with Peter, who refused her advances when Mary Jane saw them.

A year later, after graduation, Liz was accepted into Horizon University on a scholarship along with others. Unfortunately, Liz Allen received a "D-" on a test and was urged to get tutored and Peter Parker was suggested to help. Peter tried his best to help but she kept texting Flash, stating that the tutoring was boring – even while Peter was there. At the time, Peter saw Max Dillon, who had been mutated into Electro nearby causing a scene. He left telling Liz he didn't need to tutor her and she could call when she didn't want to fail.




  • Gymnastics
  • Cheerleading



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Alanna Ubach


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